June 27, 2008

31 weeks :)

Hosted a dinner last night for friends and was tired of standing all day, cooked aalu qeema (minced chicken, with potatoes, bell pepper and chilli), haleem (pulses and chicken), chicken tandoori and zeera rice. For dessert I served Malai Kulfi with almonds and pistachio.

Dinner went fine and was fun but at night just as I was catching up on the missed episode of Desperate Housewives...there was severe and sudden tightening in my stomach. DH had already gone off to sleep...kind of ran upstairs to tell DH, I was in pain and by the time I reached our bedroom I was literally in tears! Not only was I in pain but was finding it hard to breathe. And my sweet Bubba was not making it any easier for mummy, at that very instant he started kicking my ribs and seemed as if he was putting pressure on my lungs!

DH woke up and got worried...I laid down and in 15 minutes felt a little better.

Today morning am feeling all fine and yeah my 31st week started today :)

This week your not-so-little miracle is getting closer to the four pound mark and is now nearly 17 inches in length. The fat's still rolling in quite steadily and will continue to do so for the next weeks. And you're probably getting your first taste of Braxton-Hicks contractions now and then, but don't worry, they're false contractions.

Hmmm....Braxton-Hicks, I think I got my first taste of 'false contractions' last night...if those were false I just wonder how painful the real ones would be...?!?!? :(

June 24, 2008

Happy Third Wedding Anniversary To Us :)

Ahhhh...3 years...cant believe it...24th June 2005...this was the day we said "I do", hehehe...me the blushing bride and my DH as usual with the mischevious look in his eyes :)

We have definitely come a long way hope we continue like this and even better in the future... Bubba Rayaan is also all excited for his mommy daddy today! :D

June 21, 2008

10 more weeks to go....WOOHOO!

At this point you can almost see the finish line and your little darling is getting chubbier every day. Right now they're a little over 15.5 inches in length and nearing 3 pound! You might be feeling a bit clumsy as pregnancy hormones have loosened your joints.

Yayyyyy! My baby is almost 3 pounds, almost size of a cabbage! Only 10 more weeks to fo IF I go upto full 40 weeks....cant wait!!! Bubba Rayaan is kickboxing inside mommy's tummy and his kicks are getting stronger day by day...masha Allah...

Trip to Bahrain

Wow what a week! DH had his meetings in Bahrain and so I tagged along with him...knowing that otherwise I will be stuck at home for the week and bored with all the pregnancy tiredness..so off we went!

It was niiice for a change, being pampered 5 star service, with a wonderful breakfast buffet...(I so needed that!) and the shopping! brought lots of stuff for my Bubba...mostly clothes ... I know it's about time I should start buying things 'apart' from clothes but cant help it...Just cant keep my hand off those cute blue outfits and the adoreable booties and the itsy bitsy shoes! Mommy shopped till she dropped!

Apart from baby shopping... how can I forget the Marble Slab Icecream..Yummmmmm...it is my latest indulgence...(after Baskin Robbins, ofcourse!)

Bahrain hasn't got much to offer, it's a small place but I really love the outlets there...being pregnant  makes me feel a LOT more hungrier than usual, but my tatse buds yearn for good food...Bahrain definitely offers that! Maya La Chocolaterie in Seef Mall...one of a kind! Chocolat'...ummmm!

Gourmet Bakery....ahhhhhh....

Also tried barbq fish and chicken handi and LOVED "Nirvana" an Indian restaurant in Ritz Carlton hotel. Will put up more pictures asap!

June 15, 2008

Doctor's Appointment

So finally i get to see my doctor...she was in early and we rushed to meet her, although we had to wait for 3 hours!!!! But it was worth it...she said all is going fine in there, my hb is good, urine tests came clean and the baby is the right weight, masha Allah, the movement is also good!

ahhhh the relief of hearing it from the doctor! And she gave me the blood sugar test which i have to go for next week, hoping that goes smooooothly too...

Meanwhile my 29th week started and today is 29+2, to be exact...cant waiiiiiit...Rayaan also seems to be jumping inside, ready to meet mommy and daddy! :D

June 10, 2008

Somewhat Pissed!

Uggggh!! I waited the whole last month for tomorrow..11th of June 2008 because I had appointment with my doc and now I have been told she is sick and has taken 2 weeks off...! And we are still not sure when can we get the next appointment with her because when she comes, then only will they let us know! Now i will have to rush to find another doctor because two weeks is quite long and then also am not sure when will she see me next and I have to have my blood sugar tested...so just called the hospital and got an apointment with another doctor for Thursday, 12th June...let's see how it goes....

June 8, 2008

Finally Caught up!

Phew! So finally I have caught up with my older posts, all the initial weeks and the progress in between. Now on this date Iam 28 weeks and 2 days pregnant, 28+2, to be exact.
We have thought of a few names but come to a conclusion that we are naming our baby boy "Rayyan", it's an Arabic name, menaing "door to heaven"... I already love the name!

Hubby dear got over with his CFA exams so now he is also kinda free and we can do some shopping (heehee!)...

Still 82 days to go before our bundle of joy arrives...I can NOT wait!

Weight gain & Third Trimester!

30th May, 2008;

My third trimester....the 7th month and precisely 27 weeks finally started...!

Iam getting bigger and fatter! Already gained 12 kilos...!

Anyhooo, the good bits are...I started shopppiiiing...yaayyy!

Nothing big just small things like onesies and a few booties, though I couldn't take my eyes off the nurseries in mothercare and babies'R'us...but still waiting to get the big stuff. There's just so much out there too many brands, too many colors, too much confusion!
Baby is fine Alhamdulilah...at times he is slow at times movements are frequent but overall good kicking masha Allah!

And growth wise my baby is the size of a cauliflower now, almost 2 pounds in weight and 14.5 inches long.

Can't wait for my next appointment because Iam going to have the blood sugar test and Iam kind of scared because diabetes runs in my family and so far I have managed to avoid it ... but now with all the weight gain am really worried... I have heard really scary stories about pregnancy and gestational diabetes...Anyhow keeping my fingers crossed.

15/05/08...First Scan...

okay....woke up early, literally jumped out the bed...! All excited to get ready to see my baby...while DH was completely normal and walked here and there casually... (men!)

Appointment was at 12 noon and we hurriedly rushed out 'cos were running late...reached hospital and sat on the couch waiting patiently while the waiting room was filled with women carrying babies, sitting next to me was a proud mum of twins! Simply adoreable just looking at them made me teary eyed...! Bliss!

Finally we were called and had my first scan...phew!

The doctor was really sweet and asked me if this was my first baby and if I knew what I was having...I had a gut feeling (people had been telling me and my hubby also thought) that I was having a girl...
Finally she squirted the jelly on my belly and the fun began It's a boy!

Those were her first words....uhhhh...couldn't believe it and then finally saw...he wasn't moving much but thank God all was well inside...touch wood!

A lot of medical terms we couldn't understand but as much as we could we did and the rest , we asked a LOT of questions and I recommend everyone to do that...the doctor was nice enough to answer and explain every single detail.

By the way my EDD also changed from Sept.3rd to August 29th 2008...ahhhh...can't hardly wait......!!!!!! XxxxxxX

June 7, 2008

23 weeks...

Was dying to shop for my little Thumper so finally did a little shopping on and brought small tiny stuff from the mall...not much, just few newborn clothes, though kept close check on colors and designs 'cos we still didn't know what we're having, so only brought things in cream, mint and orange!

We couldn't wait for my first scan now.

22 weeks and Thumper!

By this time it did seem just like yesterday I was puking all over the place, hated the sight of food and the next I was waiting for the bump to appear and eating like a horse, then I felt bubbles, butterflies and it was like a gold fish swimming in my tummy, stretch marks being a tension (they still are) and then I started craving strange foods and finally I felt my baby move inside of me...like a little mouse scurrying here and there sometimes a hard kick sometimes just a nudge....ahhhh...

still counting days, cant wait to hold the little bundle of joy!

Still seems like a long way to go...but am glad to know that my baby is now growing fast and is now equal to a 1 lb. bag of coffee beans!

I had now oficially named the baby in my tummy "Thumper" (for the time being) inspired by the cute lil rabbit from Bambi....he/she had surely begun to kick like Thumper!

Pink or blue??

Baby shopping is like being in a  candy store, its the exact same happy feeling! With doll-sized clothes...the cribs and the moses basket, simply adoreable. When we got married my DH was not interested in kids so soon hence the long wait....And now finally when it was my time to shop, I was so confused what to buy, my first scan was in my 20th/22nd week so I did not know yet if it's a boy or a girl....at that point I just didnt care, I just wanted a healthy baby, boy or girl did NOT matter at al

Bad dreams...Potato, an Avacado or a Pear..??

I was really curious that how big is my baby, I kept searching and found 3 different answers....hmmm...by this time my baby was size of an Avacado and a few other vegetables and fruits (:P) apart from that I was really worried...kept dreaming strange dreams and woke up all tired and at times scared! I dreamt about misscarriages...or something being wrong with my pregnancy and it drove me crazzzzy...I really wanted to enjoy my pregnancy and relax a bit but I kept wondering "what ifs" and "buts..." lots of things crossed my mind...but I kept faith and moved on thinking positive thoughts and relaxing a bit.

15th week and the best so far...!

Yipeeeeeeee....my vomits went down from 12 vomits a day to 10 to 6 to 4 to 2 and then to ONE....Finally the countdown ended...No nauseas and no vomit (except the single one, first thing in the morning) made me wanna "eaaaaaaat"

But still the second trimester definitely gave me back not all the energy I lost but atleast more than half of it is back.....Phew! Had a wedding in my family in April and I was kinda excited about it...to be frank...had mixed feelings, going to a wedding with a tummy that shows was definitely ummm....a shower of unwanted ADVICES, lots of suggestions and ofcourse all the weird questions you don't really want to answer...but still...looking forward to it, let's see how it goes. Now that my "sick period" was over thanks to God....now just could not wait for the first movement, the first scan....

After the initial vomit and nauseas phases, not to mention the diarrhea and sleepless nights, I had been craving things a LOT lately. I still couldnt sleep at night but due to different reasons all together! And then along comes my craving...The list was long and endless, now I couldnt keep on stocking and stuffing my fridge and pantry because I was not sure if I will crave that thing the next day or not...by the way I craved mashed potatoes, garlic bread, Russian salad, macaroni and cheese, scrambled eggs, steak and fruit salad with toppings...All At Once!At other times I would think about...(literally day dream) exotic dishes with prawns and crabs and grilled fish or lemon chicken with herbs, sheesh kebab, chicken manchurian, hot and sour soup with tossed salad, pinacolada, Krispy Kreme and chocolate mousse....Ugggggh....what to do...??

My Mistake!

Mistake...! Biiig mistake....! I ate fried chicken!

In the normal world that's okay BUT in the pregnant world, its a big no no...especially when you feel so much nausea!

The queasy feeling down in my tummy, I could feel it rumbling for an icecream sundae but sadly pregnancy had turned off my sweet tooth because sweet things made me feel even more nauseas than fried stuff!

Just the other day I saw 'Galaxy cake bar' in the mall and wanted to grab it, took it, brought it home, unwrapped it and .... don't ask! Felt nauseas the whole day... My poor poor sweet tooth!

I really was confused...one minute I was so hungry I could eat anything and the next I was so nauseaus that I began to hate food!Still....as everyone else told me, I hereby agree...14th week was DEFINITELY much better than the past coupla weeks.
All I was left with was morning sickness and once or twice a vomit per day with a little queasiness here n thereI hoped this morning sickness left behind is also taken away with the coming weeks...

As far as the baby was concerned...frankly I sometimes still couldnt believe that i was really pregnant, there was not much tummy showing yet, no movement as such...only gas, which people say MIGHT be the baby Yes i did have ALL the symptoms including vomitting, back pain, lethargy, weakness etc etc. But still I sat alone at times, in silence, waiting for a sign..any movements...a signal...from the life inside me to tell me "Mommy, am right here!!"Uhhh..until the life inside me proved his/her point by making his/her first move...atleast for the time being the unwanted "symptoms" are my so-called signals!

14th week and my Second Trimester...!

uhhh...my 2nd trimester and 4th month started but still morning sickness did not subside...ugggh! All day till noon i used to feel nausea and vomit atleast once or twice...until i filled up my stomach i kept feeling to throw up and finally when i ate or stuffed up, once again felt nauseated. Felt dizzy half day.

I used to love cooking but couldn't cook, the smells seemed sooo strrong...by now we had told our close friends we were expecting our first.

11 weeks and a heartbeat...

11 weeks and my second appointment with the doctor. Weight and bp checked again, normal, I still hadn't gained weight and was still vomitting a LOT...the doctor said it was normal, some women had more sickness then others and it was a sign the baby was growing healthily...what a sign!

My haemoglobin was 14, that was good but the urine test was not good, I had a mild UTI, which needed instant medication because urine infections are dangerous for the mother as well as the unborn baby if not properly treated, so I got pills which I had to take for 7 days and then re-do the urine test to be sure.

Then the doctor asked me to lay down and she had that doppler thingy in her hand and I prayed to God that we hear the heartbeat, because somewhere at the back of my mid I still couldn't believe I was expecting I kept telling myself I was sick and maybe too sick!

And there it was...an echo, then some rushing sound like waves or a heartbeat?!?! It was not very clear at first, it was more of 'noise' but then the doctor smiled and said; "that is your baby saying Hi mama and papa!" and at that moment I was all teary eyed and smiling at the same time, I couldn't believe that something a size of a fig, size just over 1.5 inches...something THAT small a size could have a heartbeat!! Truly Allah's miracle!

7 weeks & Morning Sickness

11th January, 2008, Got back from Malaysia and brought back a small bump along with us...yes, a tiny baby growing inside of me and by the vomits the baby was making sure his/her mommy knew she was expecting! I begun to hate the sight of food, even hated the taste of water, rather all fluids, woke up every morning with bile in my mouth...uggggh! Had breakfast, which was dry bread and banana (the only thing which stayed in my tummy!) skipped lunch and had early dinner...just as I had dinner in hardly 10/15 minutes it would all come back up and I would be left all empty stomach and with a bad taste in my mouth!

7 weeks pregnant; had my first appointment with the doctor. We had waited to get this appointment with one of the top and renowned doctors in our city and finally after long hours and days of waiting we made it. She smiled at me and said "Congratulations!"

 Hearing a Congrats was really nice...the nurse took my height, weight & blood pressure, I had lost weight since we came from malaysia because of the morning sickness and the doctor recommended that i HAD to eat whether I liked it or not because my body was losing fluids and I would seen be lacking energy if I didnt keep a proper diet...the rest she said was normal and gave us urine and blood tests. So much for the first appointment, what a relief!

June 6, 2008

The time has come...!!!!!

December 2007, after the big festival of Eid (an Islamic religious festival, celebrated twice a year) enjoyed a lot, had lots of dinners and parties and lunches during Eid, lots of fun, meeting people and all and then my DH had an official trip to Malaysia, a place I always wanted to go to and was so excited to go to. So off we went after celebrating Eid on 29th of December to Malaysia. First stop was Cameron Highlands, lovely place, lovely weather, saw New Year celebration in KL on tv, celebrations in Cameron were mild though.

1st January,2008, second stop was Penang, loved it, beautiful beaches and the hotel we stayed at was simply marvellous! DH's birthday also so double the fun! On 2nd January,2008, i told my DH my gut said I was preggo.

2nd January 2008,  finally got my hands on a HPT and I just couldn't wait to get back to the hotel.

A BFP...I jumped with joy...literally JUMPED....Our baby was coming :)

Ok so the rest of the trip is just a haze to me...a haze of vomit and a LOT of morning sickness, sore throat, LOT of stomach aches and other not so good pregnancy symptoms...couldn't eat even a bagel, hated the taste of water and the sight of food. Vomitted everything I ate sooner or later...let me tell you...No Fun...the rest of the trip was just...pure morning sickness rather all day sickness!

Blogging Again

Ok, long time since I even came here...but now that Iam expecting I want to save each and every detail here and also share my thoughts and expiriences with all preggo and non preggo ladies...soooo here Iam...kinda late but will be catching up on things ASAP and writing down about the gone weeks and also the coming ones...for introduction, we are expecting our first baby :)


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