July 26, 2012

Chewy Coconut Macaroons. (Paula Deen)

This recipe is from Paula Deen on Food Network. Yes that is my favourite channel hehehe. Love all the recipes, the chefs, food network challenges and so much more.

Was watching Paula Deen on food network the other day and she made these yummy looking macaroons. They are pretty easy and quick to make and ofcourse delicious especially if you are a coconut lover :)



Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

In a medium bowl, combine coconut, almond extract, and salt.

Mix in condensed milk to form a thick paste.

Fold in egg whites with cream of tarter.

Drop by teaspoonfuls onto greased cookie sheets, about 2 inches apart.

Bake for about 8 minutes or until edges are lightly browned.

Do not over bake.

Couldn't take photo after baking took this one from Food Network.

They were chewy and crunchy, we enjoyed them warm and also drizzled condensed milk and chocolate sauce on top to give it an extar kick (of calories-ahem!). Enjoy :)

July 25, 2012

Brands Just Pret (Shopping In Karachi)

Today I will be doing a short post on one of my favourite shopping places in Karachi.

Brands Just Pret: A multi-brand fashion house located in the well-known Dolmen Clifton Mall are opening their second store at Dolmen Mall Tariq Road in July and third store at Ibn e Battuta Mall in Dubai in August.

They stock more than 50 designers who offer a large range of trendy clothes with many options of cuts & colors you can choose from. The designs are very practical & affordable. My personal favourite designers at the store include Nazish Hussain, SNL, Najia Malik , Change and Ayesha Somaya. Their staff is super friendly and helpful. Apart from the clothes they also offer designer shoes, bags and jewellery. They also offer online shopping which is a benefit for all the international buyers. For shopping online you can visit www.brandsjustpret.com.

This is one-stop shop, grab and go kind of a place. Short of time? This is the place to go especially when you have to shop for Eid or special occassions, travelling and don't have enough time on hands.

Happy Shopping! :)

July 14, 2012

When In Karachi... Food-Nom! Nom!

It is always a pleasure going back home and visiting my home country even it is for few days. The pleasure of meeting family & loved ones. Catching up with old friends. The food and fabulous shopping, are things we look forward to, just to name a few.

Home cooked meals, warm buttery parathas, mango shakes, halwa pooris, large breakfasts, heavy greasy dinners made with love by mom are ofcourse the top most attraction. Afterall no one beats moms handmade biryani and aloo gosht ;)

But also eating out is one of Pakistanis favourite activity! This time around it was a pretty short trip. Mere 10 days and had so many things to do. With all the running around all over Karachi still managed to take out time to eat out once a day and a day purely for shopping. *Happy Face*

Eating out & shopping is amazing in Karachi city. Though Karachiites are in constant scare of sudden strikes and unforeseen cicumstances but we have learned to enjoy in the middle of all the mayhem. We love good food and good shopping. Lately lots of new places have opened and I got to try a few in the short span. I have many favourites but will start with just a few to name which I also enjoyed in this trip.

BBQ Tonite: All time favourite hangout for the family. We love the barbecue, the pooris, the breads, the drinks...everything! It is definitely our happy spot :) 10/10

Kolachi:  An amazing place, beautiful view, ambiance and delicious food. A restaraunt belt on the seaside with so many places to choose from (and we did try 3) I liked this place the most. The bbq kababs and grilled prawns were well cooked and yummy, mutton karahi and paneer handi were simply yum! Service was oustanding. They do need to increase there desser variety but all in all loved the place and will definitely go there again when in karachi. 9/10

Espresso: My sisters  & I love cosy cafes with good food for a quick bite after a hectic shopping trip. Espresso is our favourite gossip & catchup cafe for sure. I love their sandwiches and pita breads & the juices are good, too. tried cajun fish for the first time which was very satisfying. Their latest addition Mocha Mud Pie is delectable, too. 9/10

Ginsoy: had heard so much about this place it was on my to-do list. The food was great, ambiance okay. The place is quite small and a no-no to go without reservations especially on weekends. And reservations do get mixed up (at times!) Soup was amazing, im'ma a big fan of hot & sour. Serving size was good too. Would like to go again. 8/10

Cafe Koel: I come to you again and again for the "Shikanjabeen". So perfect for a hot summer day. I must admit Iam not too fond of the food but I love the ambiance and the whole feel you get when you eat there. There salads are just too tempting, tasty & healthy at the same time. This time around I just had a filling salad and my favourite drink, lovely time spent. 8/10

Cafe Zouk: We have many good memories from this place. It is the place where my husband and I went out together for the first time, ahem ahem yes like a "date". The ambiance, the appetizers, soups, the food, teh drinks, the service: Everything is simply wonderful. The only reason we have been coming back since the past 7+ years.  10/10

The photos are not very good quality (I usually tend to lose focus on clicking them when in Karachi, the food is so tempting!) Definitely looking forward to the next trip which will be longer. Lots more reviews coming up. Next up-Shopping in a short time!

Do share your favourite places and experiences at these restaraunts when in Karachi :)


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