June 27, 2008

31 weeks :)

Hosted a dinner last night for friends and was tired of standing all day, cooked aalu qeema (minced chicken, with potatoes, bell pepper and chilli), haleem (pulses and chicken), chicken tandoori and zeera rice. For dessert I served Malai Kulfi with almonds and pistachio.

Dinner went fine and was fun but at night just as I was catching up on the missed episode of Desperate Housewives...there was severe and sudden tightening in my stomach. DH had already gone off to sleep...kind of ran upstairs to tell DH, I was in pain and by the time I reached our bedroom I was literally in tears! Not only was I in pain but was finding it hard to breathe. And my sweet Bubba was not making it any easier for mummy, at that very instant he started kicking my ribs and seemed as if he was putting pressure on my lungs!

DH woke up and got worried...I laid down and in 15 minutes felt a little better.

Today morning am feeling all fine and yeah my 31st week started today :)

This week your not-so-little miracle is getting closer to the four pound mark and is now nearly 17 inches in length. The fat's still rolling in quite steadily and will continue to do so for the next weeks. And you're probably getting your first taste of Braxton-Hicks contractions now and then, but don't worry, they're false contractions.

Hmmm....Braxton-Hicks, I think I got my first taste of 'false contractions' last night...if those were false I just wonder how painful the real ones would be...?!?!? :(



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