April 29, 2012

A Friends' Weight Loss Journey: 62 Pounds Lost..!!

Hello Dear Readers!

After my post partum weight loss story I had been getting many emails and requests by female readers especially youung girls to do another blog post: who are not married, pregnant, not about to have babies, have their kids but still stuck with those pounds and want to lose weight. Recently a friend lost quite a lot of weight. So much so that I couldnt even recognize her in the photos. She was always a chubby girl but a few years back she gained quite a lot, the weight piled on without her realizing it and she was almost 30 kilos over weight on her 5'3 frame at the age of 21...!

Today Iam going to share her weight loss journey and how she dropped from 82 to 54 kilos...a whopping 28 kilo loss (and still going!) :)

Shared by Sumaiya (Edited By Marium Noman).

Summayia says "it was not just about losing the weight, it was also about all that you get: the glowing skin, the energy, the difference you feel "after" getting In Shape!"

"I belong to a Kashmiri family. It's a famous saying here in Lahore, that we are supposed to gain weight faster and much more than ordinary people! ;)

The same happened with me.As soon as I hit my teenage years, I started gaining weight quickly. By the time I was 18, I was about 65kgs on a frame of 5'3. At that time and age, I had no concerns whatsoever. I was young and pampered by loved ones. And as many "desis" must know our moms stuff us with food and say stuff like "Beta apki khanay peenay ki Umar hay" (these are the day to eat and have fun!) which eventually made me pile up more and....more!

We moved cities and moved back to my hometown where I started my professional studies as a business student.. Once again, My parents were like "Darling just study and get a distinction"

Like most of our loving parents in Pakistan, especially our moms love cooking tasty home cooked stuff full of oil and calories. Plus the food we get in our country is just too yummy to resist! I was always a big time foody. I loved good food especially Junk! I wanted an excuse to eat more and got that. I started eating out alot with my friends. We often used to call for Free University Pizza delivery for fun ;) Along with fried and full of fat famous Zingers, Shawarmas and the most Evil of all..... Garlic Mayo Fries :P

Finally one day it dawned on me that I am getting bigger and bigger. I saw myself in the mirror, and I thought to myself ... who is this person? It was like, THERE WAS SOMEONE ELSE STANDING There! Months and years had passed and I never stood on a weighing machine. Finally one day I decided toweigh myself . And there it was...the moment of TRUTH....mocking back at me....the number....82...!!

That was it! That was really an eye-opener. I ended my 4 years with a Distinction & a Medal . My family was super happy. Planned to start M.Phil and got enrolled. All of a sudden, a very untimely death occured in our family of my youngest Chacha (Father's Brother) who was very close to all of us. After that incident, I unintentionally gave up on food, for sometime. I was badly hurt & upset. After the initial stress, few weeks passed and as a result, the first few pounds slowly melted away. Even the first few pounds loss it was very obvious. I dropped down to 75 kilos.

I started to feel a difference. Now the important thing here I'd like to emphasize is the MOTIVATION that made me Go! My motivation was the difference I felt in my body, the applause, the compliments, the WIDE OPENED eyes of people who once saw me at 82 kilos and just after a little reduction they were like WOW.... I have to admit...I simply Loved all the attention! I had never in my life been told I was looking "thin or slim" those were totally new words for me because I was always a little heavy.

I started taking care of my diet and what I put in my mouth. First of all I said a big BYE to all the free delivery stuff, all junk foods shawrmas, pizzas, burgers, fries, all fizzy drinks+artifical fruit juices etc. I limited the desserts I ate. The next step was getting a treadmill, I bought one and started walking every morning for 30-40 minutes. I was not starving or on any "crash diets" and ofcourse the weight was piled on for soooo long, the process was "slow". So remember this process is slow in the beginning and you might not get obvious quick results but BELIEVE me, once the weight goes...it will go for good!

I eat every thing but half the quantity of what I used to eat. I don't stuff my mouth anymore, I know when to Stop! I enjoy fresh vegetable and fruits more. My breakfast is the heaviest and healthiest meal of the day. No compromises on that. I intordouced myself to green tea. You all must know the benefits of that, too. Lunch was mostly salads, fruits aur veggies or any thing light cooked at home, but half the portion. Dinner should be the Lightest. But I never skipped dinner. Even if it was a glass of milk with a wheat cracker. Never go to bed empty stomach.

Last and Very Important Tip: Dinner should be taken atleast 3-4 hours before you go to bed... That's a must.

Just bring these simple changes in your life style and You Will See The Change!"  Stay Blessed x


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Alhmdulilah... Im glad that Ive done this, and today Allah has blessed me to be an inspiration and a motivator to help my Sisters to make even their life full of Happiness :)
Remember in Prayers!! :D

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

How much time did it take for her to go from 80kg to 54kg??

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

yeah nicely written marium....hope to loose the same!

ilario said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates
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Healthy Recipes said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Congrats :) Heads off to you

Kamali said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

well written...and a motivational story....reminds me of the time when I lost around 25kgs.....it felt awesome to transform into good.. :) btw its been long since your last post....whats up?? :) KH & TC


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