June 7, 2008

22 weeks and Thumper!

By this time it did seem just like yesterday I was puking all over the place, hated the sight of food and the next I was waiting for the bump to appear and eating like a horse, then I felt bubbles, butterflies and it was like a gold fish swimming in my tummy, stretch marks being a tension (they still are) and then I started craving strange foods and finally I felt my baby move inside of me...like a little mouse scurrying here and there sometimes a hard kick sometimes just a nudge....ahhhh...

still counting days, cant wait to hold the little bundle of joy!

Still seems like a long way to go...but am glad to know that my baby is now growing fast and is now equal to a 1 lb. bag of coffee beans!

I had now oficially named the baby in my tummy "Thumper" (for the time being) inspired by the cute lil rabbit from Bambi....he/she had surely begun to kick like Thumper!



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