June 8, 2008

15/05/08...First Scan...

okay....woke up early, literally jumped out the bed...! All excited to get ready to see my baby...while DH was completely normal and walked here and there casually... (men!)

Appointment was at 12 noon and we hurriedly rushed out 'cos were running late...reached hospital and sat on the couch waiting patiently while the waiting room was filled with women carrying babies, sitting next to me was a proud mum of twins! Simply adoreable just looking at them made me teary eyed...! Bliss!

Finally we were called and had my first scan...phew!

The doctor was really sweet and asked me if this was my first baby and if I knew what I was having...I had a gut feeling (people had been telling me and my hubby also thought) that I was having a girl...
Finally she squirted the jelly on my belly and the fun began It's a boy!

Those were her first words....uhhhh...couldn't believe it and then finally saw...he wasn't moving much but thank God all was well inside...touch wood!

A lot of medical terms we couldn't understand but as much as we could we did and the rest , we asked a LOT of questions and I recommend everyone to do that...the doctor was nice enough to answer and explain every single detail.

By the way my EDD also changed from Sept.3rd to August 29th 2008...ahhhh...can't hardly wait......!!!!!! XxxxxxX



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