June 21, 2008

Trip to Bahrain

Wow what a week! DH had his meetings in Bahrain and so I tagged along with him...knowing that otherwise I will be stuck at home for the week and bored with all the pregnancy tiredness..so off we went!

It was niiice for a change, being pampered 5 star service, with a wonderful breakfast buffet...(I so needed that!) and the shopping! brought lots of stuff for my Bubba...mostly clothes ... I know it's about time I should start buying things 'apart' from clothes but cant help it...Just cant keep my hand off those cute blue outfits and the adoreable booties and the itsy bitsy shoes! Mommy shopped till she dropped!

Apart from baby shopping... how can I forget the Marble Slab Icecream..Yummmmmm...it is my latest indulgence...(after Baskin Robbins, ofcourse!)

Bahrain hasn't got much to offer, it's a small place but I really love the outlets there...being pregnant  makes me feel a LOT more hungrier than usual, but my tatse buds yearn for good food...Bahrain definitely offers that! Maya La Chocolaterie in Seef Mall...one of a kind! Chocolat'...ummmm!

Gourmet Bakery....ahhhhhh....

Also tried barbq fish and chicken handi and LOVED "Nirvana" an Indian restaurant in Ritz Carlton hotel. Will put up more pictures asap!



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