June 7, 2008

My Mistake!

Mistake...! Biiig mistake....! I ate fried chicken!

In the normal world that's okay BUT in the pregnant world, its a big no no...especially when you feel so much nausea!

The queasy feeling down in my tummy, I could feel it rumbling for an icecream sundae but sadly pregnancy had turned off my sweet tooth because sweet things made me feel even more nauseas than fried stuff!

Just the other day I saw 'Galaxy cake bar' in the mall and wanted to grab it, took it, brought it home, unwrapped it and .... don't ask! Felt nauseas the whole day... My poor poor sweet tooth!

I really was confused...one minute I was so hungry I could eat anything and the next I was so nauseaus that I began to hate food!Still....as everyone else told me, I hereby agree...14th week was DEFINITELY much better than the past coupla weeks.
All I was left with was morning sickness and once or twice a vomit per day with a little queasiness here n thereI hoped this morning sickness left behind is also taken away with the coming weeks...

As far as the baby was concerned...frankly I sometimes still couldnt believe that i was really pregnant, there was not much tummy showing yet, no movement as such...only gas, which people say MIGHT be the baby Yes i did have ALL the symptoms including vomitting, back pain, lethargy, weakness etc etc. But still I sat alone at times, in silence, waiting for a sign..any movements...a signal...from the life inside me to tell me "Mommy, am right here!!"Uhhh..until the life inside me proved his/her point by making his/her first move...atleast for the time being the unwanted "symptoms" are my so-called signals!



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