June 7, 2008

7 weeks & Morning Sickness

11th January, 2008, Got back from Malaysia and brought back a small bump along with us...yes, a tiny baby growing inside of me and by the vomits the baby was making sure his/her mommy knew she was expecting! I begun to hate the sight of food, even hated the taste of water, rather all fluids, woke up every morning with bile in my mouth...uggggh! Had breakfast, which was dry bread and banana (the only thing which stayed in my tummy!) skipped lunch and had early dinner...just as I had dinner in hardly 10/15 minutes it would all come back up and I would be left all empty stomach and with a bad taste in my mouth!

7 weeks pregnant; had my first appointment with the doctor. We had waited to get this appointment with one of the top and renowned doctors in our city and finally after long hours and days of waiting we made it. She smiled at me and said "Congratulations!"

 Hearing a Congrats was really nice...the nurse took my height, weight & blood pressure, I had lost weight since we came from malaysia because of the morning sickness and the doctor recommended that i HAD to eat whether I liked it or not because my body was losing fluids and I would seen be lacking energy if I didnt keep a proper diet...the rest she said was normal and gave us urine and blood tests. So much for the first appointment, what a relief!



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