December 6, 2008

Getting "some" sleep...thanks to....

The picture says it all...fisher-price bouncer gives us our much neded sleep the vibrations and the lsw bouncy movements can put Rayyan to sleep for minimum 1 hour to maximum 3 hours! Heaven...... :D

Rayyan 2 months old and Eiiiid :)

Ok so here comes Eid...though Rayyan was supposed to be my Eid present he came as an "early" Eid present! Here are some pix from our Eid dinners and lunches :)

Phew! i had to so much work to do!

Weighty matters... here's the sad part of my you all know and read before how much I had gained during the third trimester, the "grand total" was..."drum roll" 50 pounds....yeah u heard me...50 pounds on my poor 5'4 and 115 pound body :(

So am working harrrd on it with walk and cutting down junk and have gone to minus 25 pounds...25 more to go....phew!

Rayyan 4-5 weeks old

Sleepy Rayyan

Angry Rayyan

Excited Rayyan

Rayyan thinking...when to cry next :P

Masha Allah my baby is getting big and stronger everyday and now responds very well mainly by crying a LOT and frowning...hehehe...he now makes these strange funny faces as if he is talking to us!

Bottle feeding :P

There's nothing much goin on in life except Rayyan...he does not sleep well and doesnt eat well at times...we have tried dream feeding him but apparently he's too small for that so we try to stuff him but he eats only as much as "he" wants so...that's hardly 1-1.5 oz for now...

My mom has bin a biiig help through out i dunno what would I have done without her as I am not breastfeeding cos Rayyan dint suck much and slowly and gradually milk just dried up....I used pumps but Rayyan dint like mommy milk much cos he had already been used to formula for 10 days at the hospital :(

I was already so upset about not being able to breastfeed and along came people's comments about how I was unable to breastfeed and how I was taking the easy way out by formual hurt sooo much and I cried a lot thinking I was a bad mother for not taking care of myself or my baby in the first place and now this!

But Alhamdulilah my loved ones supported me and friends helped a LOT...and those days are far behind :) So all you mommies, breast or bottle...Be Proud! :D

One month old...Aug.28,2008

Yesssssss finally 30 days have already passed and Rayyan is almost 3 kilos :) My tiny miracle x

25 days old and first day out...

The docs instructed us that we could not take Rayyan out to public places and not much people could come to visit us because of high probabilty of germs and virals because Rayyan is still small and has weak immune system...but today we went out for a quick dinner and yes Rayyan enjoyed it :)

23 days and first proper bath..

After days of sponge bathing finally we gave him a proper bath today...he didnt really like it but after the bath he seemed particularly fresh and kinda happy :P

Times are tough as he's growing well but still small and fragile...I owe my sanity to my God, my husband and my mom who has been a pillar of support and LOADS of help during tough times!

and yes those are his tiny feet...awwww...kiss. :)

20 days old...

Rayyan is almost a month now and sticking out his tongue! :P

15 days old and already growing Masha Allah! say Rayyan is alhamdulilah 2.9 kilos in mere 15 days! Very happy day 4 us today :)

Rayyan...12 days old...

my small baby...sooo tiny...people keep telling he's the tiniest baby they have seen...this tiny baby is my special baby...miracle & the love of my life! We are working on his health now as he has gone down from 2.4 kg to 2.2 kilos :(

The day we got Rayyan home from hospital...11days old, Aug.2008

Rayyan sleeping in his cosy cot :)

Rayyan yawning and the bandage still on... :(

Loooong time....!

Ok Ok I know I officially suck at blogging! But who can blame me newborn, preterm baby to look after...quite tough time! But now things are Alhamdulilah settled soooo m BACK...lets see for how long ;)

Rayyan is offcially 4 months now...I cant believe it...where did the time go..? Anyhoo to cut the long story short...once again Iam here 2 restart where I lets start from the day we got Rayyan home after his stay bcos of jaundice...


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