March 25, 2012

Rainy day & A Creamy Dessert.

Hello helloo....I know I have been away...been busy with in-laws over, and Rayyan is going through the phase of "I need mama 24/7 and I need answers to every question asked...with explanation!"

Just the other day was a beautiful in Riyadh, rain and hail stones,...first it drizzled, then hailstones and then finally it rained...sadly all the laundry I did a day before was soaking wet even before I realized.

I enjoyed the day shopping, a long drive and ended with a warm home cooked meal.

I usually make up quick recipes using the stuff in my pantry. I cooked a nice chicken karhai and some snacks for rain. We usualy make fried pakoras, samosas and other savoury snacks back home but here I just got some from a local shop.

I had to whip up a dessert and didnt have much on my hand so I just made this little beauty which not only tasted good but looks good enough to serve to guests.

The base was crushed mcvities, then poured warm vanilla pudding, pieces of vanilla pound cake, pudding again, top with blueberries, whipped cream, sprinkled with crushed biscuit on top! Ready in minutes, delicious to eat :)


March 10, 2012

Oreos & Cream In a Glass.

I had a dinner for few friends, a couple of weeks ago. I had the menu planned and desserts ready. Last minute I felt, I must make one more dessert. That's just me! Have to have a last minute addition to the menu. I am a big fan of quick recipes and very fond of desserts in a glass. You can use a small glass/serving bowl but not very big one, smaller portions look pretty in transparent glasses.

I did a step by step guide on how to make this quick & yummy dessert.

To start off I crushed and grinded Oreos. (put them in a bag and use the rolling pin or just put them in the grinder) Spoon a tablespoon each of crushed oreos in the glasses.

The next step is the filling or the pudding. I used whipped cream mixed with Oreos (crushed pieces) & a little condensed milk. I put the mixture in the fridge for few hours and it thickened. You don't want a runny filling. You can add cream cheese to give it a creamy cheesy flavour and name it Oreo cheescake! ;)

Use anything you like, even icecream! :)

You can spoon it in the glasses, I tried to be neat and piped it.

And here it is all creamy and swirly.

Top it up with more grinded Oreos. (the same, used for the base.)

Top it off with Whipped Cream (I used cream in a can-dreamwhip/reddi whip)

Sadly I didnt take any photos of the chocolate I decorated on top (had no time!). I found this picture on the internet and it is what you can do to decorate your desserts. I used a mould, but I find thise piping chocolate and putting in the fridge to set easier.

Finally it was ready to eat and this was what was left in the morning which my friend & I enjoyed the next day, for lunch! :)

Feedback and comments are most welcome :)

March 9, 2012

Weekend Bites

Eating out in Riyadh is itself an activity. Weekend comes and there is either a dinner with friends around the corner if not then we plan a family dinner. I am always on hunt for new places and delicious food. Have been to The Noodle House before and went there yet again to enjoy the cosy place and food.

Located in Centria Mall, this place is perfect for a family night out or with friends. There are no partitions and cabins like most restaraunts in Riyadh. The waiters and staff is friendly. The service is quick and the food is good.

Excuse the picture quality as photography in public (especially in Saudi Arabia) is not allowed.

We started off with soups and Prawn bags with chilli sauce. The Chicken Corn Soup was amazing and not full of corn flour like we usually get in restaraunts here. Rayyan enjoyed it a lot. There was no kids menu but they say they will be starting a Juniour's menu soon, too.

My favourite drink wherever I go is a lemon-mint refresher. I just love it.

The options for the main course are not many (atleast for me, I feel the options are limited). They offer Dim Sum too. There specialities include: Beef teriyaki, chilli prawns, salmon, Thai chicken green curry, thai red prawn curry etc.

I like Singapore noodles with chicken & prawns.

My husband ejoyed Beef with fried rice.

You can enjoy Noodle House in Dubai, Muscat Doha, Riyadh, Kuwait, Cyprus & Lahore.

How has your experience at Noodle House been? :)


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