June 7, 2008

15th week and the best so far...!

Yipeeeeeeee....my vomits went down from 12 vomits a day to 10 to 6 to 4 to 2 and then to ONE....Finally the countdown ended...No nauseas and no vomit (except the single one, first thing in the morning) made me wanna "eaaaaaaat"

But still the second trimester definitely gave me back not all the energy I lost but atleast more than half of it is back.....Phew! Had a wedding in my family in April and I was kinda excited about it...to be frank...had mixed feelings, going to a wedding with a tummy that shows was definitely ummm....a shower of unwanted ADVICES, lots of suggestions and ofcourse all the weird questions you don't really want to answer...but still...looking forward to it, let's see how it goes. Now that my "sick period" was over thanks to God....now just could not wait for the first movement, the first scan....

After the initial vomit and nauseas phases, not to mention the diarrhea and sleepless nights, I had been craving things a LOT lately. I still couldnt sleep at night but due to different reasons all together! And then along comes my craving...The list was long and endless, now I couldnt keep on stocking and stuffing my fridge and pantry because I was not sure if I will crave that thing the next day or not...by the way I craved mashed potatoes, garlic bread, Russian salad, macaroni and cheese, scrambled eggs, steak and fruit salad with toppings...All At Once!At other times I would think about...(literally day dream) exotic dishes with prawns and crabs and grilled fish or lemon chicken with herbs, sheesh kebab, chicken manchurian, hot and sour soup with tossed salad, pinacolada, Krispy Kreme and chocolate mousse....Ugggggh....what to do...??



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