August 3, 2008

My Birth 35+3 weeks!


Bubba Rayaan could not wait anymore...he just HAD to come out and see the world & meet his mommy & daddy! :P

It was Saturday morning 4am in the morning, DH was returning after an official trip...I was waiting patiently for him to come home after 3 long days. I laid on the sofa and suddenly...there was a gush of water, warm liquid gushed out and trickled down all over the sofa! I jumped up and the first thought that came in my mind was "MY BABY!" this time my heart was literally thumping like mad, picked up the phone to call my husband and I just couldn't dial the number was shaking so bad!

Called him up and told him my water bag had burst...Silence...he was quiet for a few seconds and then he said "Iam on my way home in 10 mins..." his voice was dead......those 10 minutes were the longest ever of my entire life! I rushed here & there, changed my clothes so that we could rush to the ER immediately...DH came and we were out, throughout the journey kept praying that my baby was fine, reached hospital at 4:30 am and was taken to the ER on a wheel chair.

My doctor came asap and baby's heartbeat and movement was checked, doctor confirmed my most dreaded water bag had burst and HAD to deliver was in distress but thank God his heartbeat got to normal soon. Lying there on the bed I looked at my husband and his face was doctor consoled us that 35 weeks was not that early and the baby will be fine.

Soon enough there were nurses all around me, my blood and urnine samples taken, oxygen mask given to me...another bad news soon came in...I had urine infection and it was REALLY high...Now there was no way baby was in danger with the water bag now leaking he was open to the infection!

Soon enough i was being taken for ultrascan and I prayed to Allah...there he was, on the screen, moving...the blurry image made me cry, i felt like i was losing him...after a long wait and so many dreams I just did not want to lose my little miracle! The radiologist said the baby is healthy according to his gestational age and is 35 weeks old...but ofcourse he was tiny and smaller than  full term babies...

Later that afternoon doctor told me i was going to be induced and had to deliver very soon...dh & we were so worried...but our faith was in Allah and only HE was our last resort...only HE could do miracles!

My so called normal pregnancy which so many people envied was no longer normal! I had no diabetese, my bp was good, my hb was good, my baby was growing healthy, i had no heartburn, no constipation, had spd but it was also mild and doc said i had the perfect pregnancy...uptil now!

I had no contractions no signs of labour starting, my first induction came at 6am sunday, OUCH! no pains started...2nd induction...nothing! 3rd gave me light cramps and was 2.5 cm dilated...then 4th on monday 12 pm triggered harder cramping...that had to be my last one because i cud not go overdose!

2pm monday, had lunch because doc said i needed the energy to push later when contractions started...3 days, me & my baby were monitored closely, CTG every 4/5 hours, bp, temptrature,sugar levels, urine tested, antibiotics, salts and sugars needled through me plus steroids injected for baby's lung maturity. I felt punctured all over! Continously leaking fluids and blood..all night listening to the heartbeat and counting baby movements, praying for the courage, the patience and the strength to make it through...

Monday 6pm my contractions started, was rushed to the delivery room, the time had come, i was sweating...DH was tensed...i was told i could opt for epidural and/or just plain gas n air or a light sedative...i opted for nothing but soon enough i was screaming for epidural and even begged my husband i wanted a C-section!

Nurse calmed me down and consoled it will be all over soon, she injected me with a mild 9:45 pm after 4 hours of painful contractions,I heard him cry...the nurse laid him on my chest and he squirmed around. I couldnt believe he was finally there...right infront of me...all red, white and so small...hardly 5 pounds!

I called my family 2 tell the good news as they were all so worried back home, I just could not take my eyes off my baby boy as they took him to the he is home and has jaundice, every little squeak scares me and doc said i will have to work really hard with him...once again I pray to Allah for giving me strength to make it through!

Thanks to everyone for wishes and prayers :)


Mrs Top Monkey said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Here I am again! Been Net-less since we moved into our own house here in Jakarta.

I was thinking about you and your little boy these past two weeks, was wondering if you were getting ready to deliver. Today's the first day I could get online and I was so surprised to read this post and the next!

Selamat datang (welcome), Rayaan! Guess you were a little eager and caused Mummy and Daddy some worry but you're all safe now.

My cousin was a preemie too and she too had jaundice but all was well in the end. I'm so happy to see Rayaan has also been discharged and that he's all safe and feeding and sleeping well now.

Can't wait to see more pics of the little one... he'll be doing great soon, I'm sure!


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