August 11, 2008

10 days and Jaundice

Got Raeyaan home and he had his first appointment with the doctor. Doctor said he might have mild jaundice and yes he has gone from his weight to 2.2 kg only :(

Made me so sad when they pricked him and took out blood to do the jaundice tests... anyhoo, was sitting at home late night got a call from the hospital that Rayyan has high jaundice and has to be admitted in the hospital for photo therapy!

My heart skipped a beat...the same feeling when my water bag had burst!

Rushed to the ER once again where after one hour of formalities they admitted him and us in the hospital...he was not only pricked...all clothes taken off and put in the incubator under the light...he cried like hell...he was just 10 days old and premature...too small & fragile to even take the pain of one prick let alone so may injections...he cried non stop for 2 hours...I went out of the room and left him with my mom and DH, I just couldn't see him crying...when nothing was in my hands and I couldn't calm him down!

When i came back he had fallen heart felt sooo heavy whenever he cried that night...I jumped up...couldn't sleep all night!

The next day was much better...he slept well and fed well...cried less, too.

After almost 2 days he has been discharged cos his jaundice is back to normal...Alhamdulilah! I hope there are no more painful trips to the hospital...!



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