July 25, 2008

The Joys And Wonders Of Pregnancy...through my eyes :)

you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the loo...again & again & here we go....again!

you need some support just to roll over or change sides in bed

you can cry anytime anywhere, infront anyone! Ohhh...Just pass me the tissues please!

you lay in bed with 10 pillows under you...and....it is comfortable!

you think a lot as to whether u wud b a good mother & would you be able to cope with the stress that comes along with the new baby, the responsibities

you wait for those first time flutterings, movements anything...then assuming that gas might be the baby moving!

you wait for hours just to see that one kick, bounce punch ANYTHING inside your tummy wch consoles you that your baby is just fine

you are hungry ALL the time...yes and by hungry i mean...when I want a tall glass of milkshake with extra hot sauce, walnut toppings. After all baby needs calcium from the milk and icecream!

you hated donuts once upon a time but now all of a sudden u crave warm, fresh from the oven...Krispy Kreme!

you never thought you would eat raw pickles...but suddenly you have jars of pickeld carrots, picled onions and in my case pickled wild cucumbers...!

you look at other babies more closely than before thinking and often wondering for hours how your baby would look like....hmmm...more of mommy genes or daddy genes?

you lose your walk...and start waliking like a...ok that is not a walk...waddle like a duck cum penguin and still look cute!

you find flip flops and sneakers much more comfortable and forget that you once owned 4 inch hig heels

you are more comfy in nighties, pyjamas and clothes you would never be caught weraing!

you watch a baby cry at the subway and your heart cries out for the baby which is not even related to you

you see a baby across the street in a stroller and you quickly fantasise yourself in the mother's position with the stroller and your baby in it...ahhhh what a sweet fantasy!

you make budget lists of what to buy for the baby but go to the baby shops and just go overboard...the baby stuff is just too cute to ignore!

you tell everyone who cares to know that you're expecting!

you wake up late at night with the baby kicking inside and still smile!

you start to see your family as no more a couple but a 'family'

you can no more see your feet....you can not see them but yes they are swollen!

you were no science student but all of a sudden words like SPD, LMP, PGP, GTT, EFW, FBC etc begin to sound familar.

you wait in long lines & in the waiting room just to hear a heartbeat

you cant wait to see even if it is just a small & blurry image at first of your baby moving inside

you start collecting pinks and blue the second you know it's a boy or a girl

you hate drinking milk or eating veggies but for this life growing inside, you find substitutes and supplements for him/her to grow healthily

you give up on a lot of things u enjoyed just for the sake of your unborn baby

you are ready to go through all the pain that no man can ever imagine!

you are constipated and wonder how will I be able to push out something a size of a water melon when i cant even poop!

you have back pain...sometimes LOTS of it

you have this new found gratitude for your own mother for going through all of this and that

you are far from you pre pregnancy, fitness freak, size 2 body...but still happy!

you become teary eyed just looking at a Johnson's baby shampoo advertisment on tv!

you yearn to hold your bundle of joy in your arms and count each and every single day till the day he/she arrives!

you think twice before bending to pick up that fallen sock!

you dont shop for anything but baby stuff these days...ohhh, that designer diaper bag doesnt count, after all it will be used for my baby!

you want more of those cute maternity wears while you husband rolls eyes thinking why does she need those tents...ahhh...men!

you cook and eat with that extra special care just so that nothing you eat or drink may harm your baby

you talk to your tummy all day long and jump with joy when the little one responds!

"ahhhh there are loads more joys of pregnancy...maybe will update later..."


Mrs Top Monkey said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I was just looking at the very same picture you've posted! LOL

I know one more for me... when I look at my husband and get all teary-eyed, imagining him cuddling our little one close. He's had kids from a previous marriage and I know he's a great dad and I'm really glad at least someone will know what to do when Little Monkey pops out!


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