March 25, 2012

Rainy day & A Creamy Dessert.

Hello helloo....I know I have been away...been busy with in-laws over, and Rayyan is going through the phase of "I need mama 24/7 and I need answers to every question asked...with explanation!"

Just the other day was a beautiful in Riyadh, rain and hail stones,...first it drizzled, then hailstones and then finally it rained...sadly all the laundry I did a day before was soaking wet even before I realized.

I enjoyed the day shopping, a long drive and ended with a warm home cooked meal.

I usually make up quick recipes using the stuff in my pantry. I cooked a nice chicken karhai and some snacks for rain. We usualy make fried pakoras, samosas and other savoury snacks back home but here I just got some from a local shop.

I had to whip up a dessert and didnt have much on my hand so I just made this little beauty which not only tasted good but looks good enough to serve to guests.

The base was crushed mcvities, then poured warm vanilla pudding, pieces of vanilla pound cake, pudding again, top with blueberries, whipped cream, sprinkled with crushed biscuit on top! Ready in minutes, delicious to eat :)



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Amazing ! Cat wait to try this !


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