January 2, 2012

Beauty Review-Latest stuff from Boots!!!

I have to admit it....I Love Boots...I can never come out of that place empty handed. Not only is the stuff reasonably priced but also works great!

My latest beauty purchases are a handful and & thery're perfect for winters :)


Lips dry and chapped? We all know Beesline is one of the best in that department. Their products are natural and love the stick (in the above photo). It is easy to apply with no mess of tubs, pots and tubes-get instant rid of dry, chapped lips. Also along with it got "Bite the Berry" Gloss- Strawberry & Raspberry....sweet scent and not gooey nor sticky like most glosses-Use to moisten and smooth lips :)

I love collecting body mists/splashes, perfumes etc and Vanilla is one of my favourite scents. When I get tired of the heavy perfumes body mists/sprays are the best. Right after shower it's very refreshing, non-sticky & needless to say smells like vanilla which is definitely a plus! :)

Lipbalms-Cant get enough of them hehehe-I have one in each flavour. My favourites are from TheBodyShop and this was the first time I got these apple & almond flavoured balms from Boots-they smell nice and do the job. Almond balm is more intensive and moisturising-a winter staple :)

Last but not the least-Body Scrubs.

Got two from the 'Smooth Me' Range: Vanilla & Brazil Nut, Coconut & Sweet Almond.

Also Pomegranate & Avocado Shower Gel.With refreshing pomegranate extract and moisturising organic avocado oil to help leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed.

My personal favourite out of the three is ofcourse the Vanilla & Brazil Nut because Vanilla and nut is my favourite combination in any scrub or body butter, it smells yummy (please refrain from eating :P) Plus it leaves the skin soft & smooth. It doesnt dry the skin at all.

So all you beautiful readers! have you tried any of these products? How was your expirience...if you do purchase any-your feedback & comments are most welcome! :)

Happy Shopping...! :)



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