December 6, 2008

Bottle feeding :P

There's nothing much goin on in life except Rayyan...he does not sleep well and doesnt eat well at times...we have tried dream feeding him but apparently he's too small for that so we try to stuff him but he eats only as much as "he" wants so...that's hardly 1-1.5 oz for now...

My mom has bin a biiig help through out i dunno what would I have done without her as I am not breastfeeding cos Rayyan dint suck much and slowly and gradually milk just dried up....I used pumps but Rayyan dint like mommy milk much cos he had already been used to formula for 10 days at the hospital :(

I was already so upset about not being able to breastfeed and along came people's comments about how I was unable to breastfeed and how I was taking the easy way out by formual hurt sooo much and I cried a lot thinking I was a bad mother for not taking care of myself or my baby in the first place and now this!

But Alhamdulilah my loved ones supported me and friends helped a LOT...and those days are far behind :) So all you mommies, breast or bottle...Be Proud! :D



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