July 12, 2013

Inglots' O2M Breathable


After hearing about so much about the breathable Inglots' wudu-friendly craze I was shopping and decided to drop by Inglot- which has always fascinated me with there bright funky colors and big fake eyelashes (blue,green-yes!) on their counters. Anyhoo got my hands on these lovely shades; numbers: 652, 620, 613 and 618.  

Couldn't wait to try these out, they're all bright nice shades. Very wearable for nail color lovers like me! :)

Frankly I didnt try or experiment about it being wudu-friendly. There are plenty of fatwas on this (for and against-both).

I tried it a few times, removing it for wudu, it doesnt last very long if one coat applied, it starts to chip very easily so a base coat, 2-3 coats in between and a top coat is also necessary; which atleast in "my" opinion kills the whole idea of it being wudu friendly and breathable purpose if you put 4-5 coats on might as well use any nail color and wipe it off

Colors are also very limited at Inglot-Riyadh and they are mostly out of stock. Each bottle costs 60 SAR. 

Now it is totally upto you if you want to give it a try. Personally I might not buy it again.



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