January 29, 2012

Healthy Bites: Munch...Munch

Who said healthy has to be borning & tasteless? If you are really managing your diet and getiing into that "healthy groove", especially in the sit-sleep-eat-sleep again lifesyle of KSA you have a number of options.

1.) You can cook healthy, low calorie food for yourself and keep a check.

2.) You can order pre-cooked, monitered and exact calorie meals at your door step.

Personally I prefer option number One. I love to cook and I like to come up with new yummy healthy recipes all the time. There are times when I am keeping a check and dont want to eat heavy I just get a sandwich or grab something light from one of the diet shops and I like their stuff, it is tasty and guilt-free! But generally I love home cooked meals.

But if you are not fond of cooking and find it a hassle to cook separately for yourself and your family. Also if you are not sure how many calories are going in your mouth then you should opt for option number Two. Hassle free, ready made, diet food, home delivered :)

Below I will cover few options in Riyadh:

(I have not personally tried any but few friends have and gotten good results.)

"Diet World" (Click here to go the website directly)

Diet world is a renowned name and people swear by it. Many have lost and managed with it. They have free consultations to check which diet is best for You. Their food is delicious. The Home Meal Program is a remarkably effective food program based on the well known Zone Diet. They promise & offer freshly cooked, low-fat, calorie-measured meals punctually delivered to your door daily.


1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner, 2 Salads, 2 Soups, and 1 Desert arrive at your doorstep, seven days a week. One full day of food is delivered in your meal box. They have a 28-day cycle of gourmet food assuring you of variety.

Delivery: Diet World is available to deliver freshly prepared meals to your doorstep seven days a week, 365 days a year at any time you prefer.

The meals are placed in microwave-safe aluminum disposable containers. Heating instructions are simple, just place container 3 to 5 minutes in the microwave on high, or 10 minutes in the oven at 350 degrees.

You can get the contact details etc from their comprehensive website.

Diet Centre: (click here to go to the website directly)

Diet centre is one of the famous diet shops in Riyadh.Founded in Lebanon in 1990 by dedicated specialists, the Nutrition and Diet Center is the first dedicated diet and weight loss health center in the Middle East.

Their Services Include:

a. Nutritional consultations.
b. Design nutrition & diet programs.
c. Produce and market a variety of light and great-tasting foods.
d. Implement healthy lifestyle principles through education and support.
e. cafés, outside catering and take-out shops and pastry houses.

Their food is also well packed, tasty and home delievered. Catered according to your needs.

Other Diet/Healthy Eating options in Riyadh:
(Now you don't have an excuse to have junk/fast food when eating out!)

From Nature- Riyadh Gallery.

Du Salad
- Panorama Mall

Subway- You can choose brown bread, no soda and no chips.

You can always opt & choose healthy option when eating at home or eating out. Just be careful of your portions. Eating healthy does NOT mean 'starving'.

Hope this helped all you ladies who are motivated with the weight loss story! :)

All of you who would prefer to cook at home, will be putting up a few healthy quick ideas that fit in our lifestyle.

If you also know of any other diet/healthy eating outs or have tried & tested any of the above, your comments are most welcome.

Stay healthy-Stay happy.



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