January 21, 2012

Beauty Grabs This Week- Bath & Body Works

I still remember the day Bath & Body Works opened in Riyadh...how excited everyone (including me) was and how women waited to go inside the store. And now there's SALES going on B&BW and ladies are going crazy (literally!) The store is Full and overloaded, no space to walk...they even had to close the shutters to stop more customers from entering so you can imagine the love for B&BW in Riyadh! :)

Personally I just love using lotions, scrubs, creams and shower gels. Especially vanilla, citrus, nutty scents (ahem...Do I have to remind you all again how big a foody Iam? Hence my scent favourites are also mostly related to food!)

I always feel like a little 'kid in a candystore' whenever I enter my favourite stores.

The Body Shop and Victoria's Secret being my favourites now Bath & Body Works is on top of my list.

So let's start with what I got this week & what I love about it :)

Here's My Goody Bag...Yayyyy! Now let's see what's in it...! :)

As I said I just lovvve fruity scents. They revive and refresh you after a long tirng day or even early in the morning. This one is a peachy-orangy , totally fruity tangy scented Body Scrub (super exfoliant). It's not over drying, leaves the skin refreshed. Will be foamy when applied and smells like zesty lemonish-orangish-peachish...ahhhh Sweeet!! :)

When I shop for body stuff I have to grab something that has 'Vanilla'. Vanilla candles, body mists, scrubs, gels, lotions, creams you name it, I have it. I love vanilla-cant say that enough!

This one is a creamy scrub with very small sugar crystals(almost-not-even-there beads), combined with vitamin E & jojoba oil both perfect for Riyadh's dry weather. Beautifully scented with a warm blend of vanilla beans, soft caramel & comforting creamy musk. It is from the 'Signature collection'.

Next I got hold of this set: Butterfly Power. Sounds cute huh! A Shower gel, body lotion and a Hand cream. This is also from the 'signature collection'. The products contain Shea butter, Jojoba oil & vitamin E. The showere gel also has Aloe Vera. The products are soothing, moisturising & non-greasy. Butterfly Power is a vibrant frangrance inspired by nature & playful feminity of a butterfly garden in full bloom. Trust me it does have a scent of a fully bloomed garden!

Price tags for you!

As most of you know I love shimmers and glitter. This blue bottle caught my eye instantly!

Shimmer Eclat; is a shimmery mist also from the signature collection.

Very lightly shimmery when sprayed, non sticky and sweetly fragranced.

Again from the signature collection Orange Sapphire; shower gel and body cream. Both have smoothing ingredients. Shower gel has the scent of exclusive Orange Sapphire, an exotic blood orange fragrance inspired by the fiery passion and sunswept beaches of Brazil.

The body cream has conditioning milk proteins, rice oil, berry extract and it guarantees a to provide 24 hour moisture to the driest of skins. As we all know here in the desert many complain of dry patches of skin and dryness, tautness of skin. Do give it a try!

Price tag:

The dynamic duo! Sparkiling Berry Bliss Body scrub & Body cream. What does it remind me of...? Ahhh...yes Berries! The purple packaging caught my eye and when I saw "Berry" I just had to pick this one up & put it in my shopping cart. Once again from the signature collection.

The product has is creamy, a rich blend of juicy berries, red pomegranate & luscious plum!

Price Tag:

More amazing products I got my hands on and also available in the store (I'm not so sure after the weekend crowd there would be much left but give it a try!)

These Mentha Lip Balms are too good. Best for chappy dry lips.

Pretty Gift baskets, boxes and bags for your loved ones.

The store is in Kingdom and Sahara Mall.

What is your favourite product from BATH & BODY WORKS. Do share the products you shopped for & reviews....HAPPY SHOPPING!


aisha m said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

loveleyyy..aahhhhhhhhh..i soo want to goo..if theres anything leftt..i guess im the only one who ddint go there as yett..:s..

Food-Shop-Travel said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

there's not much left but must give a try! best of luck xx

Jade Graham said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

This one is a peachy-orangy , totally fruity tangy scented Body Scrub (super exfoliant). It's not over drying, Contest


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