November 1, 2011

Snack Of The Day

Well....what is a snack? For some it might be an apple or a piece of fruit, for others a bar of chocolate ;) so yes its all in the perspective.

So what do You consider a Snack..?? :)

In this blog will be sharing my favourite snack for now and also will be covering another eatery in Riyadh, which I like to go to after shopping for a bite. It is a nice & cosy joint, with a good sitting area right infront of Debenhams at Riyadh Gallery called "Tomn Lounge"

The first thing that attracted me to that place was...ofcourse the food! lol but also the purple, flowery couches & chairs. The menu is also nice including breakfast, sandwiches (hot & cold), drinks (hot & cold) and ofcourse the desserts (tarts, muffins, cheescakes etc), they also have 'light' sandwiches.

What I tried this time was the Oriental Chicken has strips of chicken, mayo, mustard, lettuce & tomato, you can choose your own bread (they have variety of breads) .... Ofcourse it happens only in KSA where you order a 'LIGHT' Sandwich and they give you a packet of 'french cheese or salted' LAYS chips along with it ;) hahaha!



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