November 30, 2011

Have A Nutty Day! :)

Okaaaaay, so winter is at its full bloom at our side of the world...7 degrees to 14 degrees ahem ahem I know lot of you have snow and all but for me anything less than 20 degrees is coooold...and winters seriously make most of us really lazy especially when you have a little monkey at home hehehe... waking up at 7am is so NOT cool in winters, that's the time when the cosy bed and the warm blankets are most comfortable... BUT... we busy moms HAVE to get up pick and drop the kids, make breakfast, lunch & dinner blah blah blaaaaah! :P

But....Winters are also the time to enjoy a hot cuppa on a perfect morning, a bowl of filling chicken soup while it drizzles outside, warm milk & cookies...ahhhhh! and NUTS - unless you are allergic or hate nuts I'm sure most of us enjoy a good nutty break I make a ntut mix which we all enjoy during winters yummmO, a handful of almonds, cashews, raisins, walnuts etc

So just mix 'em all up all your favourite nuts make a trail mix but dont have them too much! ;)

Have a good cooold weekend! :)



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