July 11, 2008

33 weeks and SPD...?!?!?

Your baby is proportioned like a pineapple when it comes to weight -- a little over 4 pounds. (Length: more than 17 inches, head to heel.)

Only 49 more days to go...did YOU hear that...? 49 days...7 weeks...less than 2 months!!!!

Ahhh...now the countdown has begun although just when I thought my pregnancy was perfect, the joys of pregnancy are appearing one by one!(although I did vomit a LOT in the first trimester but my 2nd trimester was just wonderful!)

I have leg cramps are a norm now, getting out of bed is like...dont ask...I literally roll out of bed...it all started one sunny Sunday, my thighs and the pubic nerves wouldnt let me walk...climbing stairs is HELL...and now I have been told that I 'may' have pelvic girdle pain (PGP) also called symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD).

Noooooo...how am I supposed to walk? There is sooo much shopping to do, I have to set up the nursery and get so many things for my Bubba and Iam unable to walk from one room to another... I dont walk now I waddle like a duck!

Will be going to my doctor tomorrow insha Allah and ask her if there is ANY thing I can do to ease the pain....who said pregnancy was going to be easy!?!?!?!


Mrs Top Monkey said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I'm not sure if a chiropractor can help in this case. I had a misaligned hip just before my pregnancy and I saw a chiro who put me right again. Perhaps you could try seeing one who is experienced with pregnant women and see what he says?


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